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Spotting Resources and Spotting Guides for Airports in our area

The Washington Baltimore area has three major airports with quite diverse traffic. These airports represent quite a variety of aircraft types, sizes and airlines. Below you can find Spotting Guides and details about spotting in each airport as well as what to expect there.

Washington Dulles International Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport Overview

Washington Dulles International Airport is the main international gateway for the Greater Washington area.
At the same time, IAD is a hub for United Airlines and Star Alliance so there is quite a variety of continental and trans-continental traffic ranging from turbo props to wide bodies.
In addition, Washington Dulles has three FBO facilities and there is a lot of business jet traffic on a daily basis
Washington Dulles International Airport Spotting Guide
IAD Spotting Guide
Updated January 2017

Washington Reagan National Airport

Washington Reagan National Airport Overview

Washington Reagan National is the closest airport to Washington DC, located just across the river. Despite the restrictions in terms of trans-continental flight length and expansion area, it remains a very busy airport.
DCA is not a hub airport, however, US Airways, Delta Airlines and American Airlines have a strong presence. Often government aircraft are seen at the airport as well.
Washington Reagan National Airport Spotting Guide
DCA Spotting Guide
Updated January 2017

Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

BWI Thurgood Marshall Intl. Airport Overview

Baltimore Washington International Airport is the main gateway for the Baltimore are as well as one of the three major airports serving the DC area.
BWI is one of the main hubs for Southwest Airlines and at the same time is one of the key cities in AirTran's network. In addition, a lot of charter and military transport traffic call into BWI making so for a very interesting mixture of aircraft
In addition, BWI has quite a good share of business jet traffic on a daily basis
BWI Airport Spotting Guide
BWI Spotting Guide
Updated January 2017

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